Gummy Smile Treatment

Let’s talk today about  a gummy smile treatment.
What is a gummy smile ? 
A gummy smile exposes excessive gums due to factors like an overactive upper lip, genetics, late tooth eruption, and insufficient upper lip volume.
How to treat a gummy smile ?
We treat a gummy smile using Type A botulinum toxin. It’s a quick, non-invasive solution that shows immediate results. With no concerns about side effects and a focus on safety during the procedure, using  Type A botulinum toxin for a gummy smile is the ideal solution.
The procedure
To reduce a gummy smile, botulinum toxin is precisely injected into the circular mouth muscle above the upper lip. During the treatment it enlarges the area and lessens gum visibility. It is also applied near the nostrils to reduce muscle spasm by acting on nerve cells. The doctor determines the injection spots before the quick and almost painless procedure, which takes only a few minutes. Finally, massaging the injected areas helps distribute the preparation for optimal results.
The effects 
Botulinum toxin interrupts neuromuscular connections also decreasing muscle tension. This stops the upper lip from lifting during smiling and  improving the gum line. Results appear a few days after treatment, lasting six months. Certainly, repeat treatment is needed after this period. Gummy Smile Treatment is a great choice!
Gummy Smile Treatment
Gummy Smile Treatment
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Price is £95 
Time 30 min