How can I erase eye bags? | Lumi Eyes

Lumi Eyes is a high-quality product using polynucleotides to repair dermal damage and rejuvenate tissue. It provides strong hydration, reduces fatigue symptoms, and improves skin quality. As a tissue booster, it stimulates collagen and elastin, delaying aging processes and enhancing skin firmness naturally. Dermaren Lumi Eyes prompts self-regeneration in the skin.
Treatment Areas 
Refreshing the eyelid region
Drooping and multiple wrinkles around the eyes
Fatigue and discoloration of the eyelids
1)Advanced skin brightening and rejuvenation
2)Repairing damaged skin
3)Building a resilient skin barrier
4)Regenerating dermal cells and tissues
5)Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction
6)Enhancing skin tone and rejuvenation
7)Boosting skin elasticity
Dermaren Lumi Eyes
Dermaren Lumi Eyes
How Many Treatments  Will I Need
For optimal results, undergo three treatments spaced four weeks apart. Repeat this twice a year for renewed energy, reduced fatigue, and diminished bruising.
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