Treatments & Prices

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti wrinkle ‘Botox’30 min£170 for 1 area and £50 per additional area
Anti wrinkle ‘Alluzience’30 min£180 for 1 area and £50 per additional area
Anti wrinkle ‘Azzulure’30 min£160 for 1 area and £50 per additional area
Anti wrinkle follow up15 min2-4 week check up if required post initial treatment included in initial fee

Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal fillers60 mins£260 1ml, £410 2ml, £600 3ml, £750 4ml
Lip filler 1ml45 mins£260
Lip filler 0.7ml45 mins£185
Lip filler 0.5ml45 mins£150
Ellansè the collagen stimulating filler60 mins£310 1ml, £460 2ml, 650 3ml, £800 4ml

Dissolving Dermal Filler Treatment

Dissolving dermal fillers by other clinicians under ultrasound60 mins£250
Dissolving dermal filler by other clinicians30 mins£170

Facial Ultrasound

Ultrasound of dermal filler/ vascular mapping
30 mins£75

Skin Booster/Bio Stimulators

Initial x2 treatments of skin booster/ bio stimulator Profhilo30 mins£450
First Skin booster/ biostimulator Profhilo30 mins£260
Subsequent Skin booster/ biostimulator Profhilo30 mins£210
Lumi eye30 mins£150
Lumi eye course or 330 mins x 3£400
Hair booster Dr CYJ hair filler30 mins£150
Hair booster Dr CYJ hair filler30 mins x 3£400

Radiofrequency Microneedling Morpheus 8

Full face and neck or body60 mins x 3£1850
Eye and peri ocular area only enquire for course45 mins£500

Radiofrequency Forma

Forma facial radiofrequency facial30 mins£150
Forma facial radiofrequency facial course of 630 mins x 6£800

Forma V Vaginal Radiofrequency

Forma V vaginal radiofrequency45 mins£500
Forma V vaginal radiofrequency course of 345 mins x3£1200

PCA Professional Skin Peels

Brightening peel30 mins
Sensi peel30 mins£75
Ultra peel30 mins£95
Retinol peel 4/6%30 mins£120

Other Services

Migraine treatment45 min£420
Hyperhidrosis - sweating under arms45 mins£300
Teeth grinding/ facial slimming30 mins£270
Nefertiti neck lift30 mins£220
Skincare/general consultation30 mins£50 redeemable against any further treatments
‘Get Harley’ medical skincare concierge plan30 mins£30 redeemable against further treatments
Eyelash lengthening solution -prescription only-£40
Cryotherapy30 minsFrom £50
Currentage and cautery after my clinical opinion - limited to only benign disease
45 minsFrom £150
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